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The City of Neverwinter never recovered from the Spellplague a century ago.  Long renowned as the Jewel of the North, the foundations of the city were shaken when magic went haywire.  Tragedy struck once again when, forty years ago, Mount Hotenow, long thought dormant, erupted, spreading fire, ash and magma throughout the region.

The ruling family of Neverwinter, the Alagondar perished in the conflagration, and many abandoned a ruined city that descended into chaos.  A city which once boasted 80,000 inhabitants was reduced to a rump of 12,000.  

Eight years ago, Lord Dagult Neverember arrived.  A junior member of a prominent Waterdeep family, he is backed with the wealth and the might of Waterdeep, as well as a mercenary army.  He repaired the city walls and encouraged the revitalisation of the port.  People have begun to return to the city.

Yet certain believe that he acts in his own interest, not that of Neverwinter.  His mercenaries keep the peace, but are also brutal with those who challenge his rule.  The opposition is fractured:  certain nobles do not recognize the legitimacy of Neverember's claim.  On the other hand, the Sons of Alagondar refuse to see anyone return to Castle Never.


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